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La Giostra Del Saracino

Saturday, June 18, 2016 at Piazza Grande. The Giostra del Saracino is one of the most important historical re-enactments of Italy. This year, the edition of June, Saturday 18 marks, as usual at night. The 8 riders of the District in which the city is divided (Crucifera Porta, Porta S. Andrea, Porta S. Spirito and Porta of the Forum), will challenge the Buratto, the Piazza Grande, for the allocation of the Golden Lance. The entrance in Piazza, following the procession through the streets of the historic center, is scheduled at 21:30. For residents outside the province of Arezzo, tickets for the Grandstand In Central and chairs Central sector, can be booked by e-mail or by telephone. Program 07.00 hours - the first mortar round 10,30 hours - withdrawal by the Municipality of Fanti and valets of the Golden Lance from the Duomo 11.00 - according to mortar announcing the Herald output and the 'beginning of the reading of the Tournament Announcement to the population. a Sound of Campania of the civic tower, the procession moves from the building of priori stopping at the following locations: - Basilica della Pieve, Piazza S. Michele, Crossing Corso Italy, Via Roma, Piazza San Francesco. 19.00 - Third mortar. Blessing of the jousters and armed of the District: Porta Crucifera Church of Santa Croce, Porta del Foro Church of San Domenico; Porta S. Andrea Church of St. Augustine; Porta S. Spirito Church of St. Anthony (Saione). 19.30 - Meeting of all the figures in Piazza S. Domenico 20.00 - Fourth mortar. the procession starts to the Cathedral along Via Sassoverde and Via Ricasoli. 20.15 - Blessing imparted by the Bishop on the parvis of the Cathedral, accompanied by signs of fourteenth-century warrior bishop Guido Tarlati. 20.30 - Parade of the parade to reach Piazza Grande, along Via Ricasoli, Via dei Pileati, Corso Italy, Via Roma, Piazza G. Monaco, Via G. Monaco, Piazza San Francesco, Via Cavour, Via Mazzini, Via Borgunto. 21.30 - Fifth mortar. Entrance on the Piazza Grande Flag Wavers of the Tournament and their performance; the parade entrance, to the sound of trumpets and roll of drums: - Admission of banners with the emblems of the City, the City, the People of Arezzo and those of the Guelphs and Ghibellines; - Admission of the armed District and eight jousters; - Entrance of the House of knights, representing the ancient nobility and their deployment on the contention; - Reading of the challenge of Buratto from Herald. Wave of Armed shouting Arezzo. - Execution of the Hymn of the Saracen by Musici.

First set of careers against Saracino , second series and possible careers playoff .
- Delivery of the Golden Lance to the Quarter winner by the Mayor of Arezzo .
- Te Deum of thanksgiving of the winner in the Cathedral Quarter .

Exclusively for residents outside the province of Arezzo , you can book by e -mail ( ) or by telephone ( 0575 / 377462-3 ) the seats numbered grandstand at Central and the central chairs sector up while availability .

Ticket sales takes place at :
Municipal Theatre " Pietro Aretino "
Via Bicchieraia 32 Arezzo
Telephone 0575/302258
Office of Tourism , Giostra del Saracino and Folklore tel . 0575/377460/2/3 - Fax 0575/377464 - email : ;

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